Biomimicry and Synthetic Biology in Space Travel

Nude in SpaceI recently contributed concept images to the University of Copenhagen Synthetic Biology Department .That type of research is fascinating and gets my creative mind wondering.  In this case into space.  I always try to see design through the lens of Biomimicry. Space technology seems to be dark on this matter.  Space is hard on the body, extra terrestrial landscapes are devoid of the raw materials humans use to metabolize.  Normal solutions isolate and insulate the body against these forces providing an artificial environment to survive and providing stored resources shuttled from earth. If one of the great contributions of 21st century science is biotechnology and the mastery of genomics what does that mean for our existence in space and beyond.   I looked to the butterfly as an inspiration for my exploration.  The butterfly goes through a lengthy process of metamorphosis to enact change in its physical character for a different stage of its life.  What if people could use synthetic biology to metamorphose into a body that could survive in martian climates? I found a complex organism that NASA has shown can live in deep space What if the long journey is spent going through the biological change? In visual searches for my collage to illustrate this concept I consistently found Chrysalis under the protection of understory leaves.  It made me realize the synergy between Solar Collection of Understory Leaves and how that efficient structure harnesses light so well in low light areas, maybe some of the concepts could be applied to the design of Giant Solar Sail craft to ferry pioneers to distant planets and through deep space. Perhaps at the end of the journey the craft could facilitate biological production of complex substances needed in the new frontier.Check out this super cool project I just saw on DEZEEN vimeo Biomimicry Space SailMaybe it could be upcycled into a Solar Furnace like this factory in France  and used to produce shelter and objects like a giant solar sinter machine Solar Sinter

using free energy and materials available on almost any world or even in deep space.martian earth dwellingCome to think of it maybe thats how the Dogon people ended up on earth dogon1web


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