Chrysalis update: new reward level on Kickstarter!


 posted by Chris Chalmers, Fabripod 

Great news!

I’m sure you have all see the previous posts about my Chrysalis project on kickstarter. Well Ponoko has been generous enough to offer $50 making vouchers to backers of Chrysalis who pledge $50 or more. That’s right: you support the Chrysalis project with $50 and you get a making voucher for the full $50 from Ponoko. Making vouchers are redeemable for all of the making services that Ponoko offers: laser cutting, CNC routing and 3D printing! For more information on making vouchers see this link.

If you’re already a backer, its easy to upgrade your pledge and add this reward: just log in to kickstarter, go to the Chrysalis project page, and click on “manage my pledge”.  If you’re not a backer yet, this is a great opportunity to support a great tool for makers, and do some making yourself as well!

this is what the package looks like when they deliver your parts!
and here’s what I made…. see more at

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