Parking Day – with Studios Architecture and Holmes-Culley Engineers


 posted by Chris Chalmers, Fabripod 

Chris Chalmers was recently approached by Studios Architecture to give a short grasshopper tutorial and offer digital fabrication consulting for their highly acclaimed installation for Parking Day 2011. This project used over 250 cardboard tubes from architectural plotter rolls, and  160 CNC-cut MDF connectors. We used Grasshopper to preview what the design would look like with a number of different car-shaped outlines. Grasshopper also output the number and size of  each type of piece we would need, so we had an accurate prediction of cost and CNC time for each variation.

here are some screen shots from the various designs we explored:

the Prius

the Hummer:

the compact SUV

and a screen shot of the connector pieces, laid out for CNC cutting at Techshop from a 4’x8′ sheet of MDF.

Finally, this project has gotten a lot of press! Congatulations to the Studios Team:

Anna deAnguera, Justin Glover, Brian Nee, Matthew Covall, Tanya Retherford and Andrew Clemenza (apologies if I’ve missed anybody)

and to Paul Roberts  and Bill Tremayne from Holmes-Culley Engineers


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