BIOS Net Positive Spirits – Algae based sustainable drinkable alcohol

I want to market and sell an algae based sustainable drinkable alcohol.  The name I was thinking of is BIOS net positive spirits.  I have my first label idea and bottle for you to view. The problem I see right now in the algae to ethanol business is that hydrocarbon based fuel is still to cheap to make it feasible.  But drinkable alcohol has a much higher price point.  I have yet to taste drinkable ethanol from algae but I imagine that even if it is not the best we could mix it with flavors that might make it taste like scotch or mix it with nori, herbs etc.  I imagine Asian markets would accept it because of their affinity for many algae based foods. In western markets the sustainable minded consumer would be excited at the opportunity to drink non grain alcohol nobody wants to deplete our fertile food growing land to have a good time when there is a much better source.  I even thought we could make the label a certificate that represents the carbon credits that were generated from the making of the spirit and you could redeem them for other sustainable products etc and then the credits could be sold on the open market in Europe.  What I have been trying to find is a source of drinkable algae ethanol.  The problem is the mix is different for drinkable grade ethanol and nobody has yet expressed interest in shifting their research.  If anybody is interested in partnering please feel free to contact me.

Charles Lee


8 thoughts on “BIOS Net Positive Spirits – Algae based sustainable drinkable alcohol

  1. Pretty impressive idea. I think you could open up a totally different market of the drinking community with this one! Charles we need to start a Bios Fin Algae Skinned Bios green bar!

  2. It seems we’ve had similar ideas, I’ve been searching the internet for information on the use of Algae as drinking alcohol and so far your site is the only reference I’ve found. Aside from the points you’ve mentioned the production of ethanol for drinking typically requires purification up to 60% ABV whereas fuel requires many more distillation steps so as to virtually eliminate the all water present.

    Also taste wouldn’t necessarily be an issue, if the taste of the final product was unpleasant then further distillation and filtering with activated carbon would remedy this, what you’d be left with is a natural spirit similar to Vodka.

    Drop me a line if you’re still looking into this?

  3. doing some research on my own as well. Struggling to keep something palatable without odd artificial garbage. Would like this to resemble something healthy since algae is fantastic for you!

    • Thats great let me know if you come up with a good mixture and maybe we can work something out with the branding etc.

  4. Spirulina looks like a good candidate. I am going to try to grow that next summer. I think it is a healthy food choice because it has complex carbohydrates and protein rather than simple sugar like grains. This is probably not the best choice for distillation. I am interested in your progress.

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