Custom Parametric Panel Grids with Reporting Parameter Driven Structure on Double Skin Mass

Just some Noodling around to pass the time.

Also a reminder to see the great lecture lineup at the CCA in San Francisco this Fall.


4 thoughts on “Custom Parametric Panel Grids with Reporting Parameter Driven Structure on Double Skin Mass

  1. Love your work! Looks amazing.

    What exactly is this? A new form of space frame?

    What did you exactly do? Created a grid of pipes with various diameters, and then bend it? How did you bend it?

    • It is just a study of a few tools in the conceptual modeling environment for Revit. Not a space frame, it looks more like graffiti to me. First I created two surfaces offset from each other and containing different curvature. I then drew overlapping lines on a plane in front of the two surfaces. Using the new Intersect tool I subdivided the surfaces according to the projected lines. So the two surfaces will have the same profile from the elevation of the plane. But because the surfaces have different curvature the lines create different length panels on each surface. I then made square patterned panel that generates geometry based on its nesting in each instance of subdivision. Using the new reporting parameter tool I created an associative tube frame that defines itself depending on its localized placement on each segment line of the panel. The diameter of the tube is a relational fraction of the total length of the segment. No bending the surface was already bent. I hope that helps.

    • That’s a good reason to ask questions. Becoming familiar with a program is hard and sometimes almost impossible without having someone with you to walk through the interface and tools. If you are really interested in learning more about Revit I suggest websites like Buildz and Designreform.

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