Agent-based T-shirt design in Grasshopper


 posted by Chris Chalmers, Fabripod 

Here’s a project I’ve been working on in my spare time (mostly while my 1Yr. old son is napping). Its an offshoot of some freelance work I did recently, making use of Grasshopper’s new timer component. The project uses this one as its starting point: the work of Dimitrie Stefanescu who adapted Craig Reynolds‘ “Boids” to run in grasshoper using C# .  Boids is an early example of an “agent based model” in computer science, which can be used to simulate the behavior of flocks or crowds.

I modified Stefanescu’s code and added some of my own to make the (now single) agent respond to trails left by previous runs. The idea was to create a kind of record of the agents’ simulated behavior. This way behavior  could be viewed statistically, as tendencies rather than individual actions in real time. It was a quick mod to turn the agents’ paths into a vector pattern, print it on transfer paper and iron-on. Voila!

click on the image above to see video.


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