3d Illusion in 3d panel = Six Dimensional Fun

Posted by Charles Lee

I have recently been creating 3d illusions called autostereograms.  Since I am an architect by trade Chris Chalmers challenged me to try to make the illusion from a 3d panel or brick courses instead of the traditional 2d surface of an image.  I am happy to report that it is possible and it uses amazingly sophisticated scripts and algorithms! I have created a few panels as 3d computer models that still function as autostereograms.  The first Study deals with the concept of spirit and body and its reminded me of a modern day Gates of Hell.  Here is rendering from a 3d model that has an autostereogram of  Jesus on the cross it could be 3d milled from foam and cast in bronze or gold.  Pretty exciting stuff! Maybe I will install one at the Vatican 🙂  The next study explored the concept of a unitized facade of brick or some other square bit like building material.  It makes the illusion of a rubber duck in the correct lighting.  Here is the link to the 3d file so you can see for yourself.  The flat band should be oriented as the top of the illusion.  Here is the Rubber Duck Model .  I broke my 3d printer trying to print the Jesus Panel so I don’t have a way to prototype either of the panels and actually see 3d space in 3d objects.  If anyone is interested in making one or commissioning a full scale version I am open to collaboration.  Just email me from the contact page.


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