BIOS branding – Why is that flat tile wall a torus mommy? – The Matrix Helix – Jesus Saves

Posted by Charles Lee

Please Click on the images to enlarge them.  The effect will work much better.  I have really enjoyed playing with my new Autostereogram software. The first experiment was a new BIOS watermark.  The second is inspired by Chris Chalmers comment that we may be able to mathematically bring these illusions into three dimensions and make building and sculpture that dissolve into a second three dimension object.  My first attempt at this failed because brick is overwhelming but I did get a tile pattern to create a torus.  I wonder if this effect could manifest in real tile? I also used the torus to test the textual pattern from the Matrix Movies.  It creates a very cool experience.  I also think these illusions are exciting because through concentration a new inner world is revealed to the participant.  It made me think of prayer.  SOM has done a nice optical effect with Jesus and Light at the new cathedral in Oakland.  I also love the new door handles by commonwealth.  The Jesus Saves effect is a hybrid of all of these things embedded into the Altar at St Peters in Rome.  It is a 3d illusion of Jesus on the Cross.  The liquid looking 3d bronze pattern  looks like the flames of hell engulfing  Jesus as he travels to the depths to save souls. And just in case getting one of these to reveal themselves is hard enough try the one with the optical illusion layered on top of it and witness the spinning torus


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