Admit it – We all know someone who could use an open-source laser cutter


 posted by Chris Chalmers, Fabripod 

You may have noticed a certain obsession with open-source and D.I.Y. technology in my posts of late. Right now is a watershed time for those (read – ME) who have always dreamed of fabricating complex projects at home. We at BIOS are excited to see what happens as the movement picks up steam. For example, our recent project ‘coloniatechne‘ was designed around tapping the open-source home 3D printer community and inviting them to take an active role in designing and fabricating a major part of the project.

Well, the 3D-print and 3-axis CNC movements are in full swing, its time the inevitable next step happened: The Open-Source Laser-Cutter! Check out the project on kickstarter and consider donating $10 (I did). In return, you’ll get first access to plans and beta software. One step closer to making just about anything in your garage!


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