BIOS Lecture at Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous and Symmetrical Arrangements in Advanced Biological Constructions

Posted by Charles Lee

Join Jess Austin and Charles Lee for a fun presentation at the University of San Francisco March 8th.  The topic is “The application of biological patterns to architecture” .  The LASER (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous) series, organized by Leonardo ISAST and currently chaired by piero scaruffi, is a local forum for presenting art and science projects underway in the Bay Area that are creative, original and interdisciplinary in nature. Thank you to our friends at Zero1 for helping make this possible.

Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci and the  Vitruvian Man I am posting a few images not being presented but are an important part of my own artwork and the concept of Symmetry in Biology .  In my own drawings I draw quite a few symmetrical arrangements that usually begin at a circle.  They are not always a mathmatically perfect reflection symmetry.  In most cases any deviation on one side can be compensated for in the other segment.  I am displaying a few chosen selections but if they are popular I can make many more available.  All Images Copyright of the artist Charles Lee 2010.


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