Colonia Techne – Beginnings

If only finishing old projects was as fun as starting new ones!!

We have started prototyping the components of our Colonia Techne project for the City of San Jose (described here). Walter Kim, who is working with us on the 3D printing, took this video of his Cupcake CNC extruding a test print for our polyp component, pictured below.

I also took this video of a breadboard prototype of the arduino-speaker-mic-LED combination we plan to run the interactive component. Here, I blow on the mic to generate sound. When mic volume reaches the threshold  (set using Arduino’s native programming interface), it lights the LED.

Next steps are to print our polyps full scale on our own Reprap CNC (currently in the mail), and to integrate the tri-color LED and speaker into the Arduino.  Watch this space!


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