RoCocoa installation at SFE’s Eco-Center


 posted by Chris Chalmers, Fabripod 

Thursday January 14th was the second gallery opening for an exhibition called  ReVisions: New Creations From Scrap and featured a lot of great artwork made from recycled materials. BIOS was invited to install a site-specific piece called RoCocoa, which was made from leftover chocolate trays salvaged from the Joseph Schmidt chocolate factory. Joseph Schmidt closed its SF doors last summer and we are always sad to see events that might lead to less chocolate in the world, but we decided to make the best of a bittersweet situation. Ha! Ok Ok, no more puns: here are some photos of the opening. See the previous post about the event’s first opening at the Remake Lounge.

…And a walk-through video of the piece.

Its a fun show with many beautiful and interesting pieces, and will be up until January 29th. Here are just a few of the other pieces: Sorry I don’t have names for the artists! You’ll just have to go and see them in person.


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