Fun with Animations

Posted by Charles Lee

It all started with a rendering that reminded me of my favorite movie Tron. It also reminded me of those cool new age Chakra Images. So I started to try my hand at a few animations that used the effect.  I made a creepy mysterious figure that I likened to Spirtual Technosis and a Phase Changing constantly morphing Master Control Program wich  can generate an endless stream of unique types this animation is just a few instances and its set on Loop with different colors.  So here are a few animations from my explorations into the new BIOS animated feature 🙂


Also I showed some other Bios members my old study animations I did in Mara and Steven Skov Holts Biology as Master Metaphor Class last year.  They are really fun and they always make me smile.  There is some interesting and provocative moments Like the Bugati with Flexible Hair like extensions which allow the car exterior to adapt to changing wind and speed conditions as well as provide protection from accidents.   The C-Hair has movement sensors which activate the coated memory wire hairs into a defensive position until disarmed by a Signal from a PDA or something. They are also very silly verging on ridiculous, presenting them is kinda Hairy!


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