Working with Found Objects


posted by Chris Chalmers

More often than not, new parametric component-based designs rely on custom fabricated pieces for their construction. Their form is allowed to be free-flowing only because the individual pieces vary dimensionally to accommodate. However, the use of re-used or recycled materials often means working with fixed dimensions.  Some of my current work  involves negotiating free-form designs using either found objects, or stock items which are available only in a finite number of sizes.


This project uses translucent plastic cups, attached to a laser-cut cardboard substructure. cupwall-1

The mockup below was made with actual beer cups from a party (They have been washed).


cupwall-1_6cups-5Tcupwall-1_4he corrugated cardboard ribs have  attachment clips laser-cut into their profiles.

The cups are also held- together with the plastic clips used in the mockup, which are  laser-cut from acrylic sheet.

Tile Wall

This project attempts to create surface with variable texture using a fixed module. We began with FOA’s use of moon-shaped pavers in their South East coastal park project because they adapt well to the compound curvature of the surface.IMG_2792 Our project  uses hexagons tilewall_11 (2) in order to accentuate the pattern formed between the tiles as their spacing is varied. tilewall_40As the spacing increases, a second system is introduced between the tiles: small square windows. The idea here is that the tiles could gradually dissapear as their spacing increases, giving way to more glass in an Escher-esque transformation.


Ctilewall_11 (2)upWalltilewall_11 (2)tilewall_2tilewall_40




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