Highly Commended in ArtVenture Freedom to Create Prize: Migrant Community Center

icon posted by Chris Chalmers

Chris Chalmers and Jason Chang were recently given high commendation for their Migrant Community Center project,  described in more detail in this previous post.


ArtVenture is an international organization supporting human rights through art and design. Here is a description from their website:

“In all societies, the development of the arts has been a sign of culture and light. Yet not all governments provide citizens with the ‘freedom to create’ needed to foster innovation, commerce and prosperity. Some governments harass and impoverish their citizens, steal resources, stifle entrepreneurship and undermine human ingenuity and hope. In these societies, art can play an important role in giving a voice to those who are denied opportunity and resources. The ArtVenture Freedom to Create Prize consists of three categories. The main prize is open to individuals or artistic groups in all creative fields including the visual and performance arts, music, crafts, design and literature. The winner of this award will receive US$ 50,000.This is not a typical art prize. It does not simply judge the skill of the artist but rather recognises how the artist has used their work to promote awareness and alert people to the plight of others. The inaugural prize will be a unique and significant award and will be judged by a panel of eminent artists, commentators and human rights experts.”

download a pdf of all the winners here


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