Thiessen Polygon Table – Caesarstone Competition Entry

Posted by Charles Lee.

I recently entered a table design into the Dwell Magazine and Caesarstone Table competition.  All entries are available at .  In mathematics, a Voronoi diagramis a special kind of decomposition of a metric space determined by distances to a specified discrete set of objects in the space, e.g., by a discrete set of points.  Voronoi diagrams that are used in geophysics and meteorology to analyze spatially distributed data are called Thiessen polygons. My design worked on the notion that the table is a place where agents interact socially over geophysical space (Caesarstone).  As the conversation shifts so does the spatial influence of the participants on the table.  These are defined by a thiessen polygons.  The base of the table is a 3d path of travel from one thiessen polygon diagram to another extruded in the z direction.  The polygons are then subdivided and generate a structural lattice to support the cantilevered table top from the base.


Design and Images by Charles Lee


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