Mutations of the Student Body

Posted by Charles Lee.

I want to show a few images of a project I did last summer as a consultant with Mark Donohue and Americo Diaz-Obrigan of Visible Research Office for the California College of the Arts Student Services.  It isn’t biological in makeup but it has a life of its own.  They have installed the counter top which is a torqued chevron and also did a mock-up of the ropes that where to be strung in the space.  The client however refused to do the ropes and chose instead to put the computers on the walls instead of kiosks as in the original design which detracts from the ropes beauty of communicating the torqued ceiling and floor.  I am happy and sad of the state of this project.  Happy that many aspects are installed.  Sad that the space could not grow into its maturity and instead was stunted by a budget drought or worse yet a critic.  I would love to hear your thoughts.

Design by Mark Donohue , Charles Lee, Americo Diaz Obrigan

Photos by Americo

Modeling, Animation and Rendering by Charles Lee


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