Two BIOS members going to ACADIA!

Founding members of BIOS: Charles Lee and Chris Chalmers have had papers accepted to present at the 2008 ACADIA conference, this October in Minneapolis, titled Silicon and Skin. From the conference description:

Silicon + Skin: Biological Processes and Computation fosters design work and research from the worlds of practice and academia which lie at the intersection between design, biology, and computation. More specifically, this conference seeks to identify and examine current trends in digital design technologies developed and applied in the framework of biologically inspired processes and digitally assisted sustainable design.

The conference co-chairs seek papers and design work, realized or hypothetical, with an actual relationship to biology as opposed to those with a metaphorical or analogical one. Work selected for inclusion will interrogate architecture’s potential to move beyond isomorphic resemblances and visual equivalents of biology. These papers and projects will position design as capable of producing complex behavior and effects based upon dynamic processes and in dynamic contexts.

Keynote Speakers will be George Jeronimidis, Michael Weinstock, Francois Roche, and Stephen Wolfram.


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