PhotoBioReactor Sculpture

A photobioreactor is a closed or semi-closed system in which light and nutrients are supplied to the system in an attempt to maximize algal biomass.  Nutrients can be in the form of pollutants, so the sculpture can facilitate bio-remediation.  It can also use CO2, reducing greenhouse gases.The algae can than be used to generate biodiesel. In this proposal the biodiesel could be used to run the machinery and vehicles that maintain the park.  These photobioreactors are designed in a sculptural manner to add an eye catching feature to the park setting. It consists of an aluminum carriage which has a continous spiralling tube that cascades from top to bottom.  The work could be lighted at night to create a beautiful evening experience powered by a solar array and batteries. The bioreactor towers are attached to a harvesting machine which would extract the algae biomass.  Examples of a hypothetical installation. Buy your custom designed bioreactor sculpture today!

Design by Charles Lee


7 thoughts on “PhotoBioReactor Sculpture

  1. First of all, your sculptures are fantastic and I want one! If we can meet the price, of course!! I am an architect in Mexico and lately
    I have been desperatly looking for manufacturers of this technology. Some while ago I got in touch with Biotechna-Greasser of London, but at the time -1993-, this technology seemed somehow uninteresting in the energy field of alternative ideas or, at least, something futuristic, unreliable, not productive, etc… Lately, I have been involved in several projects that require the use of this technology and tried to get in touch with Biotechna again, but apparently they have run out of bussines and their partners in USA know nothing about the issue. I imagine that you might be in touch with manufacturers of the technology, and would be great if I you could help us to establish some sort of contact with them.
    We are involved in several projects in water management and planning in cities, mainly in Mexico City and Guadalajara.
    Thanks in advance,
    JP Amezcua
    Laboratorio de Urbanismo y Planeación Ambiental /LUPA

  2. Well, you don’t have to wait around for the algae industry, it’s already here. I think this would make a good sculpture for in front of the business’s front entrance. It’s good that you’re thinking big, but maybe in a smaller scale would sell better.

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