Golden Comets

Universal Sculpture Series – Golden Comets – Charles Lee 2020. Concept image and a few prototype models for wrapping a golden sheet/foil around an existing comet circulating within solar system and later as part of series an interstellar object. The concept posits unfurling a thin gold foil sheet in the path/trajectory of a selected comet and allowing it to fly through the gold foil thus wrapping the comet. The first interstellar sculpture produced by humanity. Inspired by the works and in the same artistic line of Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Sometimes its the little things that inspire us

The Golden Wrap Composite129691_header2Interstellar_visitors

Robin Williams Tunnel – LED light installation

Last weeks power shutdown in Northern California turned off the old lighting system in the Robin Williams Tunnel on the Marin side of 101 near Golden Gate Bridge at Waldo Grade.  Since 2015 when the legislature renamed the tunnel to celebrate Robin Williams life, I have wanted to change the lighting to reflect the painted arch at the entrance.  I would change the old Orange lighting to a LED system that shows a Rainbow of light so the interior of what is currently a yellowish cave is inviting and another great gateway adjacent to the golden gate.  Inspired by last week power shutoff and a my greater awareness of energy consumption/resilience and the need for infrastructural safety upgrades I finally did a quick illustration to show what I hope it would look like.

Professional Photos of Finished Coloniatecne

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These photos were taken by Peter Prato. An excellent photographer.

Coloniatecne – Panels installed

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Coloniatecne – Progress

Coloniatecne – Day 4

Coloniatechne Installation in San Jose September 6-14th

Hi Friends and Colleagues,

If anyone interested in being part of a team to help install an interactive art pavilion for the city of San Jose, we have won a commission from the San Jose Public Art Program in conjunction with the 0-1 Biennale and are about to begin on site assembly downtown September 6-14th. The structure and panels have already been CNC milled and are ready to go! We have some room for paid interns and room for volunteers. Please contact Jess Austin, Ripon Deleon or Charles Lee  know if you are someone you know is interested. Contact page contains info for emailing us. Below are some production photos of the project and this link to the abridged DRAWING SET